We’re a Cruz Roja member
and contribute with yearly donations.


Since we organized their 60th anniversary event in Barcelona we’re quite acquainted with the association and we proactively sell their products as pillow gifts.

In fact, we have our very own exclusive product that we proactively try to sell, 100% of the money we collect goes entirely to this amazing association.

Casal dels Infants

This is a local association from Barcelona that helps children and families in poverty, mostly immigrants, by providing education and a safe environment for development.

ITB donates event material and organizes charity markets to raise funds that can contribute to the Casal’s goals.


Every summer and every Christmas SITE Spain organizes two events that aim to collect toys and summer camp goods to donate to charity.

ITB attends those events in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid always with a little contribution we hope helps ignite a few smiles .